Sunday, August 14, 2016

Weekend Highlights

I’ll start our weekend highlights with Thursday…just because :)

Before I get to the good parts - I’m going to preface with this: It’s hot here! Don’t laugh at me, you people from the south…we are not used to this heat - haha!

Because of the heat…we bought Jaxen a little pool and he enjoyed cooling off in it!

So Thursday night I left (sans kids) to attend Bible Study. Halfway through, Nik texts me “Zane threw up down the front of my shirt.” “Second time - down my bare back”. “Make that 4 times now”. “7! Projectile! Vomits!”. Poor Nik! I didn’t have time to pump much milk for Zane before I left, so I told Nik to use some of the formula we had…well, he didn’t respond very well to it. No more formula for Zane!

Friday we headed out as a family to the Emergency Room (30 minutes away) for the third round of my Rabies Vaccination. I was so wishing for a Sonic on the way. It would have made that morning a bit more pleasing! Nik and Jaxen killed some time at Dunkin Donuts while Zane and I waited to be seen.

After some afternoon tantrums from Jaxen we headed out to a bonfire at the church that evening. I love bonfires…but it was a bit hot on Friday to have one. Good thing there was some good company! There were a lot of lawn games that were played, a few s’mores were eaten and Jaxen had a great time hanging out with his friends!

Nik left Saturday for a work day in Rochester. The boys and I stayed home and I was able to get a bit of cleaning done. That afternoon when Nik got home, we headed out to a graduation party.  We were all pretty tired that night - thankfully, the boys went to bed early and so Nik and I were able to do so as well!

Sunday after church we had a few guests over for lunch and then we had some family time in our bed (watching the Olympics) before Jaxen and I fell asleep while Nik kept Zane happy downstairs.

The rest of our night was spent eating dinner on our couch, watching the Olympics.

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