Monday, August 1, 2016

Home Tour - Kitchen

Welcome back to our home!

If you enter from this porch, you will walk straight into our kitchen...

I wanted to wait to show you our kitchen (and a few other rooms in the house) until
they were ‘finished’. But that may or may not ever happen. Ha!
So I decided to show you anyway…

So once you walk in, this is the view on the left.

And I even got all fancy and did a partial panoramic view!

The door between the table and stove leads to the mud room.
And there is a door to the left of the fridge that leads to the living rooms.

As you can tell, we have a great view of our beautiful tree outback!

The fruit bowl is empty because this was taken at the end of our food supply,
and I was headed to the grocery store the next day.

Also - I need to add some blinds and/or curtains to the window.
I have yet to decide.
And paint.
I want all the trim painted white, including this window.

Moving on…

And another fancy panoramic view for you...

I now own a 3 step, step stool.
Can you tell how high those top cabinets are?!

Again, I need to add some curtains and/or blinds to this great window as well.
But again, the view is great!

And yes, it’s a huge sink!
I’m having to get used to it - but I think overall, I like it!

And here is the best I could get (because of how bright the sun was that morning)
of the backsplash and countertops.
The countertops are concrete.

And here is a “real” picture for you...

This is what my kitchen looked like Saturday morning 
(before it was all nice and clean).

I made a blueberry bread (far right) that was undercooked - 
because I had to nurse Zane I pulled it out of the oven so I didn’t over cook it. Fail.
And then I made chocolate chip zucchini muffins. Win.
Plus toys, and car seats, and bags…it was just a mess! haha!
I even dropped flour all over my oven, so it was taken apart some, so I could clean.

Oh well!

So that is our kitchen - I still need to paint, hang window stuff and will probably
move a few things around now that we are settled and I know what we use often and not.

But it is where I spend a lot of my day and I love how much sunshine there is!

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