Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Whole Lot Going On

A whole lot has been going on since I last posted. And I probably don’t have a ton of pictures to go along with it - sorry!

We have had cookouts, company, camp, swim lessons, speech therapy, and VBS! Whew! We are tired. In a good way :) It is summer and we are enjoying every last bit of this hot weather and beautiful days.

Oh - I forgot to mention poop. It has been a major theme this week, for some reason. I have washed 2 car seats in 3 days (like take apart every last piece of the seat and throw it in the washer); we have had many spoiled clothes (including some jeans of mine - but not from my poop); I have cleaned poop off the living room floor; been told by my 4-year-old “there is poo poo hanging from my boo boo (bottom)”; and had a very close call with a poop incident in the bathtub. I told Nik I needed a raise!

Good thing there have been other good things going on! Tuesday I dropped Jaxen off at a local church that was doing a VBS. I went inside with him because he was a bit shy (and I wanted to check it out for myself). But by the 2nd song he seemed happy and told me I could go. So I did. And he had a great time!

This morning is quiet on the home front. Jaxen is at VBS again, Nik is gone - so it is just Zane and I! I am enjoying the peaceful - and trying to get laundry put away, dishes done, write this blog post and get ready for the beach this afternoon!

So with all that said - here are a few pics from the last few days….

I don’t know if I have mentioned it before or not -
but Zane naps a lot in Nik’s office. 
It is cool in there from the A/C window unit - which also drowns out other noise,
and we can keep the door closed so Jaxen does not wake him up!

Saturday night we had 18 guys over for a cookout!
And let me tell you…these guys know how to have a cookout - ha!
Almost every man brought a cooler (not a little baggie with meat and a casserole) 
but a cooler of meat, sides and drinks.
These men do it right :)
So I set it all up - and then left. Sad for me, right?! 

Nik was setting up tables and chairs and lawn games.

 Swim lessons for Jaxen are going fantastic!
He is working on swimming with his face under water.
And every time he gets in the bath - he practices putting his face under!
We are not allowed to stay and watch lessons, but as I was picking him up on Monday
I got to see him jump off the diving board and swim.
There is a video - but I don’t have time to download it to the blog - sorry!

Here is a picture before he jumped.

After Jaxen going through a phase of not wanting to hold Zane - he now wants to. 
He wanted Zane to sit in his lap while he played on Nik’s phone.
It was pretty sweet.

While Jaxen was at VBS Tuesday, Zane and I got to go on a little walk. 

And I went to pick Jaxen up early from VBS and he was riding the train!
He is having a great time!
(He is in the first cart by the blonde girl).

And then there is this handsome dude :)
As long as he eats regularly - he is a happy camper, going with the flow of all our crazy!

So Wednesday we went to Camp for the day and my two boys were looking cute!
I tried getting a picture…


On the way to camp we stopped to check out some Falls.
It was more of a trickle, due to the major drought we are in…
but it was still a beautiful area!

Jaxen refused to take a picture with us - So here I am with my cutie husband!

And Nik snapped this one of Jaxen when he wasn’t looking.

I wish I had taken pictures of our time at camp on Wednesday - but I just never did!
Jaxen loves going to Camp and we had a great time with some friends
who were in town!

One last pic -
while I was doing dishes, Zane was helping himself to the paper towels!

And that’s that! No time to proof or re-read.
Hope you have a great day! 

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