Saturday, August 27, 2016

Home Tour - Foyer and Mud Room

We are almost done! Just one more Home Tour post after this one.

So today you get to see our foyer / front entrance and our mud room / back entrance. I have been waiting on this post because the mud room is not near finished yet. But that could be awhile - so I decided to go ahead and show you anyway….

Foyer / Front Entrance

I love that I can take a panoramic picture on my phone.
It allows me to show you the space a bit better. 
Keep in mind that it looks a tad distorted and bigger than it really is -
but it helps allow you to see the whole space!

From the front entrance, you step up one step and the stairs 
are in front of you, or if you turn left you enter the living room.

We never use the front entrance, and most of our guests do not either -
but this winter we will probably have people come in that front entrance.
It's great space to ‘unload’ all your winter gear (coats, gloves, hat, boots).

Mud Room / Back Entrance

So this space is pretty much collecting stuff right now.
Which I don’t really like - but we are in transition with this space.

You enter this room from the garage, and then it takes you into the kitchen.

It has an extra fridge and a huge file cabinet that currently serves as our pantry.
I eventually want to hang peg board on the wall and hang all our our bags
and coats and whatever else can hang :)
I also need to organize a bit better for our winter gear
and possibly paint…and who knows what else!

This is also how we get to the back yard.
And this little shelf by the fridge has our beach bags, diaper bag,
bubbles, chalk, swim wear and swim towels.

As I said…a work in progress!

But I am so thankful for this space.
I think it will (eventually) be a great, organized room that will work well for each season!

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