Thursday, August 4, 2016

Beach Day

I realized last week when we went to the beach that I haven’t been taking many pictures.
So I decided to do better.
Here you go…

Jaxen playing in the water.
Do not be mistaken….that book in the bottom right corner is not mine.
There is no chance that I get the luxury of reading a book at the beach in this stage of my life!

Playing in the sand.
Yes, Jaxen needs a haircut!

And this is what Zane does - lays in a shaded tent!

But don’t think he minds one bit. 
He is loved and these kiddos love to make him smile and laugh!

After a full belly and some giggles, he passed out!

And the big kids went back to playing in the water!

These summer days have been good to us!

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