Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Celebration Sunday

This past Sunday was a great day of celebration at New Life!

We have really settled into our new church here.
When we came - a few people had expressed interest in becoming members.
So Nik taught a class that helped people understand
what becoming a member of a church meant, and what becoming a ‘Nazarene’ meant.
It was so great to see those take the step into membership at our church!

We accepted 5 people into our church for membership.

During Nik’s message we also took communion together.
It was a sweet time to partake in this sacrament with our new church family.

There were also a few people that had previously asked Jesus into their life
but never taken the next step, of baptism.
Nik was honored to talk with those people and encourage them in their walk
with the Lord and baptize them in the lake!

After church we headed out to Fairhaven Beach to baptize 3 people and one little baby.

After all the celebration - we had a cookout and a great time of hanging out.

With a pretty awesome view :)

One of these days (after my House Tour is complete) I will give you a Church Tour.

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