Monday, August 29, 2016

What We Have Been Up To...

~ baking with my favorite little helper ~ 

Jaxen has been very independent lately and currently likes to dress himself in the mornings.
On this particular day - he wanted to wear a sweatshirt and shorts (backwards),
and then wanted to help me bake him some chocolate muffins.
His favorite part is putting chocolate chips on top (and eating them)!

~ hanging with my littlest ~

This little crab booty gets me every time!
I sure do love him!

~ sleeping Jaxen ~

About every other day, I still make him lay down and take a nap.
On this particular day, I sat in his room with him until he was asleep.

~ playing with baby things ~

Jaxen enjoys Zane’s stuff…a little too much at times!

 ~ sleeping Zane ~

I do love it when he falls asleep in my arms after eating!
Look how squishy those cheeks are!

~ 4 month doctor appointment ~

This past week we met with Zane’s doctor for his 4 month checkup.
He was a trooper and smiled and cooed his way through it all!

Zane weighed in at 15.05 pounds (little under 50%).
His height is 25 inches (little under 50%).
And his head is measuring at 41 cm (which is about 15%).

He is a healthy, growing boy with no concerns at 4 months!

~ campfires with friends ~

We were invited to have dinner at a friends campsite one night last week.
The highlights? friends, walking sticks and ice cream after dinner.

~ Zane ~

I just can’t get enough of his sweet chubby self!

And neither can our church people :)
This is Eric, who just loves to hold Zane.
We had a big clothing giveaway this weekend, and so Eric entertained Zane while I worked.

~ boy time ~

Nik and Jaxen love to make Zane laugh!
They were covering his face with a burp rag and when he moved it away, they said “Boo”.
Zane loved it.
And Jaxen loved it just as much!

A boy and his daddy :)

A boy in his daddy’s hat :)

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