Monday, August 22, 2016

A look at my phone...

Here is a glimpse into what is on the camera roll of my phone the last few days...

Nik surprised us with a family walk (bike ride for Jaxen) 
to the gas station for some yogurt one night! 

After my 4th and final rabies shot, we hit up a new lunch place.
We had driven by it a few times and it looked really good - so we decided to try it out! 

Jaxen wanted Zane to sit in his lap during our bedtime routine. 
It was sweet. 

I'm not sure where Jaxen got bunny ears, or why he was wearing them on Sunday - 
but he was, and someone sent this picture to me. 
Also - why does my kid insist on taking off his socks and shoes 
when we walk in the church building?!

We had some friends from Watertown come visit our church on Sunday… 
Actually, the 3 guys rode their motorcycles (in the rain)! 
We had one other couple come as well (but they left before I thought to take a pic). 
It is so fun and sweet that people are willing to take the time and 
drive to come worship with us at our new church! 

Zane was looking super cute on Sunday!
These pics were taken after he ate…so he was in milk-coma :) 

These monkey pajamas (from when Jaxen was little) are just so adorable!

Every time Jaxen takes a bath, he wants to put his face in the water and have me count.
And "swims" while doing so!

One last thing…
So late last night I was perusing Facebook and saw this picture.
It cracked me up!
Probably because I want to start up running again…
but I think this might be a true statement for me, 
since it’s been about 1 whole year since I stopped running!

Happy Monday!

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