Monday, April 4, 2016

Nik is Home!

Well, Nik is home and Baby Zane is still in my belly! Win win :)

We are thrilled to have Nik home.
We sure did miss him!

I’m not even sure what all we did while he was away, but I tried to keep up with this boy...

...which is no easy task!

At one point, we found ourselves in the kitchen, making a new cookie recipe.
Not that I don’t love cookies…but it was more of a way to entertain Jaxen, than my need for cookies!

And by Saturday night, we found ourselves roaming around Sam’s Club and
then having dinner at McDonalds so he could run off some energy
and I could study for my Sunday School lesson! Haha!

This Monday morning is starting out snowy (and 22 degrees), lazy (I hardly slept last night),
and with a little one who needs to see the doctor today.

Jaxen kept me up most of the night (with me sitting on his floor) coughing.
At two different points, he coughed so hard he threw up a little bit.
He is (thankfully) sleeping now - but I will be calling the doctor first thing this morning
to see if we can do anything about that cough!

Nik may have a lazy day as well (he is always exhausted after these trips)
and is still sleeping. He may or may not take the day off of work to rest a bit.

Between the doctor’s office and a nap (duh!) there are a few other things
I would like to accomplish today…laundry and grocery store being two of them.
Both of which are important to my husband - haha!

Oh, and having a baby is officially on my everyday ‘to-do list’ until he arrives!

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