Thursday, April 28, 2016

Life Lately

Here is a small glimpse into our life lately…

Our big boy, sleeping in his big boy bed!

Jaxen, and his “wings” (better known as Zane’s blanket).

Jaxen wanted to nap by Zane. It lasted all of 1 minute :)
It took him longer to get the blankets and get setup than his actual nap did!

My mom (Bebe) and Zane at church on Sunday morning.
They stayed like this the whole service!
He was one comfortable little guy.

And I’m so glad I asked someone to snap a few family pictures of us!

And Zane’s outfit was too small already that day…but I squeezed him into.
Please take note of how cute it was, because that will be the one and only time he wears it :(

This boy.
His frosty and the glasses his daddy made him.
This picture just makes me smile!

Zane cannot decide if he likes his bouncer seat or not. But I keep trying it!

Jaxen has officially decided he loves his baby brother Zane.
And even told me “Thank you for Baby Zane out of your belly!” the other day!
So funny.

This little face just melts my heart!

So does this one.
Even in undies, holding a nerf gun, and not sure where the bullet will go. Haha!

He is only 2 weeks old - yet he is starting to change and get bigger everyday :(

All three dressed for the day and ready to go!

My mom (Bebe) went home yesterday.
I was a little sad, but enjoyed her visit so much!
Before I dropped her off at the airport we had a very yummy lunch at Olive Garden
(a place she does not have where she lives).

Thank you so much mom, for coming to see us!

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