Sunday, April 17, 2016


Seeing Jaxen meet Zane was so much fun!

Nik picked Jaxen up on Monday night and asked him what he wanted for dinner. He replied with “french fries” and specifically from “my french fry place” (McDonalds). So Nik obliged and picked up dinner and they came to the hospital to see me and meet Zane.

When Jaxen arrived - he immediately knew who Baby Zane was and seemed excited to be there. However - he would not come close to me or Zane. So we gave him his space and all he wanted to do was eat his french fries.

While eating - he kept talking to me and asking me questions, about Baby Zane. The funniest and most-asked question was “Where is Baby Zane’s mommy?” It took us awhile to explain that I am Jaxen and Zane’s mommy! I think he understood by the time he left, but it took lots of explaining. He kept telling me I was ‘Jaxen Davis’s mommy’. Haha!

Eventually, Nik suggested that they sit on the couch with Baby Zane and he agreed. He wanted Nik to hold him first, and then eventually warmed up to the idea of holding Zane, and loved it! I loved watching all this unfold. It was really sweet…and on his time.

After a bit - he finally decided to sit with mommy and hold Baby Zane. So he joined me and I got to love on my first born, while he held my second born. Sweet sweet memories. There were lots of questions and lots of touching and exploring :)

See Jaxen holding his hand?
Melt my heart. 

Our first family selfie!

And then Jaxen wanted to take pictures…

Look at that yawn from Zane!

Tuesday evening, Nik picked Jaxen up again so he could come see us. And it was just as great! He warmed up really fast to me and Zane. And wanted to sit with me and hold Zane all by himself. It went pretty well until all of a sudden he said “here dad” and was literally passing Zane to Nik from my bed to the chair. We are going to have to have quick reflexes while Jaxen learns how to handle his new baby brother - haha!

 My favorite! Love.

Jaxen is not as interested in holding Zane anymore - but is constantly checking on him. He asks while we are eating, if he can get down to check on Zane; Before he does anything, he finds Baby Zane and tells him before he does it and then reports back; He wants to touch Zane all the time and is super gentle when he does; and the other thing I don’t want to forget is that Jaxen talks about Zane’s “boo boo” (belly button) all the time - He wants to see it about 10 times a day and even before bed, asks about it again. Haha!

Jaxen is so proud of Zane and is so sweet with him. I’m so glad. My mamma-heart is happy!

We are trying to be super intentional about spending time with Jaxen and allowing Jaxen to help us with Zane. I even went to put Jaxen to bed by myself last night and he asked where Baby Zane was and wanted him to be a part of it. Even Nik offered to take him to the store the other night and Jaxen wanted to stay home with Baby Zane and momma. He helps me burp Zane, and takes on and off his blanket when asked, and overtime Zane cries, Jaxen sings “The Wheels on the Bus” song to him. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

So overall, everything is going super great with Jaxen and Zane! 

Nik is away for the afternoon, night and day tomorrow and even though I’m a bit nervous about being momma to two boys on my own - I’m also looking forward to it! (I do have reinforcements lined up…ready to take Jaxen if needed. Haha!).

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