Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Jaxen Report

I feel as though I have not blogged about Jaxen a whole lot lately…. and once baby Zane arrives - this streak will probably continue. Just being honest and real here! But no worries - Jaxen is alive and well and keeps us on our toes and laughing and frustrated… sometimes even at the same times!

For example: tonight when he prayed for dinner he prayed that “daddy take me to eat french fries one day” and then proceeded to stretch dinnertime to well over one hour. Funny and then immediately frustrating!

I also have been terrible about taking pictures of Jaxen. In my defense - he has no desire to have his picture taken and unless he is in front of the heater or eating (which both happen often) he is constantly moving. So, even though I try… it is hard to do!

Here is an update from when I took him to the doctor on Monday: allergies. He is now taking Zyrtec once a day. Cough seems to be better already. Thankful for simple solutions. You just never know… bronchitis, rsv, strep, and many many other things are traveling around these parts with a vengeance. While there, they took his weight and height and he is in the 61 percentile.

Jaxen still loves school and church. And everyday he asks to go to one or the other. Which it is easy to please him on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays…but come Friday he has a hard time grasping that he does not have church or school for a couple of days! And good thing he likes school so much because we are officially registering him for full-day-preschool beginning this September! Yikes! I can hardly believe it. But I know it will be good for him.

His number one question on a daily basis is “Are you happy mommy?” And replies with “Yes, you are!” if I smile at him. And he has noticed my belly. Finally. I feel like for the longest time he had no idea my belly was bigger. Now he tells me “You have full baby Zane belly”. Yes, I do!

He still has speech therapy twice a week and is doing so well. He is improving leaps and bounds and I’m so glad to see it! He is much more confident and I have seen his personality change a bit, because of it. He loves talking to people and his friends and I think he knows they can understand him now, and could not before. It’s been wonderful to see. I have a meeting on Thursday to discuss his progress and determine his plan for the next year. I think what will happen is… we will continue to do speech therapy through the summer, but only once a week - and then pick it up twice again when school starts. But I’m not completely sure - I will have more information from his evaluations and progress on Thursday.

He is also continuing with Occupational Therapy once a week. I have not seen a ton of improvement there…but the things he needed to work on were very minimal (compared to his speech). For me, it is more of a learning of the “correct” way of helping him to develop. For example: how to hold pencils correctly, how to sit properly, working on balance and having him do certain tasks in certain ways to develop his muscles properly. I’m not sure if this will continue through summer. That will also be discussed in my Thursday meeting. It is very good for him…but he is also high enough on the scale, that he probably won’t qualify for summer therapy. Either way - I’m glad we have had this time.

Jaxen still naps everyday… although the playtime that happens before nap (in his room) is extending. But I’m okay with that. I’m even okay if he doesn’t nap…. as long as he stays in his room and plays semi-quietly. Right now, I need the nap time - and this summer I will probably need the break - haha! So for now…we continue with nap time! He is going to bed around 8pm (does not go to sleep at the time) and wakes between 6:45-7am. We have a pretty good routine and schedule with all that (at the moment, anyways :) ).

That’s all the updates I can think of for now…. just thought you might want a little Jaxen Report!

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