Saturday, April 9, 2016


Yesterday, I had to have an attitude readjustment. I woke up feeling very upset that Baby Zane had not come yet. I hardly slept the night before, anticipating his arrival. I was up before anyone else in the house, so I spent some time reading the Bible and praying. I was reminded of being content in my circumstances, to be thankful in all things and the biggest thing I was reminded of, was that I had been praying for this baby and God’s timing of his arrival - but not trusting! God will deliver this baby in His timing (which is perfect) - not mine. No matter how much I try to control and anticipate his arrival. And that gave me peace. Instead of being frustrated all day - I had a great day with my family! Nik had to work for just a little bit in the morning - but I think he was scared to leave me for long (knowing how much pain I had been in the day prior) so he did his best to stay by my side and keep my mind off everything and have a wonderful, relaxing day!

We have had some cold and snowy days around these parts…even breaking some low temp records for the area. 

Which called for a fire last night! Always a win in my book :)

Because of the cold temperatures and not feeling super great - I have had to get creative with time spent with Jaxen. So I laid a towel on our kitchen floor and let him pick out a pitcher, 2 cups, a water bottle, a couple of bowls and some spoons. And then I let him get water. He had the best time pouring, stirring, mixing (spilling) water and has asked multiple times to play with water again! I was able to sit with him and work on some words, directions and listening skills. It was a really fun time with him!

We also played with his houses and “log people” and magnets all while sitting in a comfy chair. 

And as I am waiting for the arrival of Zane, I find myself working on little projects….like this one…

This was a gift from a friend (a framed scrabble board with our names on it) - and I got to add Zane’s name to it!

Nik treated us to french fries yesterday (remember Jaxen’s prayer from the other night?!) and we got out of the house for a little bit and went grill-shopping. Or looking, really. Our grill has been dying a slow death for months. We have had it over 10 years…but it is time to invest a little money and get a new one. So we are in the market and trying to decide what we want.

We have no plans for today. So I plan to enjoy the slow pace of the day and time with Nik and Jaxen. No matter when Baby Zane comes - I know the days of us being a family of 3 are drawing to a close and I want to enjoy them! Jaxen apparently wants to enjoy them too - he woke before 6:30 this morning and laid in bed with us :)

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