Sunday, April 24, 2016

Pics From The Last Two Weeks

For some reason - the blog post “Bebe is Here / Funny Jaxen Stories” got published after the “Comparison” post. So scroll down if you have not read it!

Pics from two weeks ago…

I have very few pictures of Jaxen and Zane together - 
and I think this one taken below was the last time Jaxen held Zane. 
He is just not interested in holding him! 
Nor, in having his picture taken! It makes me sad. 
I want a million pictures of them together, but Jaxen just refuses.

Seriously. The rolls. I love them.

He could not be any cuter!

This picture cracks me up!

And this picture is the sweetest. 
It is now the screensaver on my phone.

These crack me up!

 My friend Danielle came into town last weekend.
It was so good to see her, and Zane loved snuggling!


And here are a few pictures from earlier this week…

Zane - all dressed and ready for our first walk outside! 
I know this outfit looks a little too warm - but it was windy and cool on this day…
remember…. it is not summer here, like it is in the south! 

Plus, he will outgrow this outfit anyday - and it’s just too cute not to wear!

Our walk :)

We did not venture out too far - just to the church. Haha!
Jaxen wanted to stop in and see Ms. Terri. He loves him some Terri!

While we were there - Zane had his first blowout.
I’m talking out his clothes and up his back. Yuck! 
Just thought that should be documented :)

The above pics were taken on Monday - and on Tuesday his umbilical cord came off.

That face. So precious.

These next few pics were my best attempt at getting a few pictures of Jaxen and Zane together….

Jaxen wanted Zane to watch tv with him so I got them all setup in the living room. It went well!

And then Jaxen decided he wanted a second lunch. 
So I let him eat it while watching a show with his baby brother.
And Jaxen was pretty happy about that!

That evening, Jaxen had to go potty while we were driving. 
So we pulled over. Some days I am grateful that I have boys!

And I captured this sweet moment between Zane and his daddy 
the night before Nik went out of town.

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