Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pregnancy - 38 Weeks

I'm posting from my it may look different! 

Well, I made it to 38 weeks! 

Baby Zane - 38 weeks

I saw a doctor (not mine) this morning and after hearing the heartbeat, asking a few questions (Contractions? Movement? Cramps? Bleeding? Etc) and measuring (measuring at 40 weeks) she did an exam. Currently, I am 2 cm dialated, and 50% effaced. 

So I guess that's good news, that there is progression, and things are happening, right? But I'm also not getting my hopes up or down with the news. Baby Zane will come when he's ready! And until then... I'm going to get as much rest in while I can. And snuggles with my first little :)

Cuddled in mommys bed watching cartoons before school. 

I'm trying to take advantage of only juggling one kid (and no husband home). So I met up with a friend this morning for tea/coffee and I have lunch plans with another friend tomorrow! I really need to get my hair cut as well... but other than that, I'm trying to just stay up on the laundry and keep the bathrooms clean! Hanging out with people and staying busy (in between naps) helps me from getting nervous, stressing, and it takes my mind off the uncomfortableness I am feeling! 

People have been so sweet while Nik is gone... They are checking in on me and so many have offered to help out if the time comes! I'm thankful for my people :)

Let's see...what else... I am experiencing bad heartburn the last two days. I have taken medicine for it, but not much is helping. My back is also starting to bother me. And my feet hurt. Which is weird. Because it's not like I'm even on them very much! 

I finished up the Bible Study I was leading last night. So that's over. I am teaching Sunday School for Nik this week - but after that, I dont think I have anymore obligations! 

I guess I am "nesting". I never really know - because I feel like what others call "nesting" is just what I do anyways. But today I pulled down more baby clothes and sorted them, in bins, by size. I had already taken all clothes out, up to 3 months and they are in Zanes dresser. So today I worked on 6 through 18 months. I still have 24 months through 3T to sort! It might happen tomorrow. Not sure! 

Ok. I think that's all for now. I have a little boy who is desperate to play. And with his daddy gone, it is non-stop! 

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