Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pregnancy - 39 Weeks

No one thought I would make it this far. But here I am :)

I think people are feeling sorry for me... I have been given the best compliments here lately! Seriously - more people in the last 2 weeks have told me how good my hair looks, how good I look, how cute I am, and how I have hardly gained any weight (if they only knew!). It's super nice, and so good to hear (especially when you feel crummy - it really does lift your mood) but I just think it's funny. Again...very nice... But when you feel like a stuffed elephant... It makes you wonder if people are just being nice. Haha! 

Baby Zane - 39 weeks

Today I saw my doctor. She was very happy with my progress... 4 cm dilated and 75% effaced! While she was doing my exam she suggested that she go ahead and strip my membranes to possibly jump start my labor. So that was done. And so now I am just waiting. As I was leaving she told me she hopes to see me tonight! Not sure about that. I'm good going into labor tonight, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up!

Last night I told Nik I was ready to have this baby anytime after 3pm today (I had a meeting at 2pm I didn’t want to miss).  He agreed that would be a good time :)

I am actually pretty miserable right now…but I guess it’s good that I’m miserable because it means this baby is on it’s way! I have my hospital bag almost ready to go / we ordered pizza for dinner and ate off of paper goods (so I did’t have to do dishes) / I have informed my “Jaxen people” to keep to their phones on tonight (just in case) / and we have pretty much done everything that needs to be done and have a clear schedule for the next few days….all in hopes and preparation that Zane decides to come tonight or tomorrow!

Stay tuned… :)

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