Saturday, April 23, 2016

Bebe is Here / Funny Jaxen Stories

Look who’s been at our house…. It’s Bebe (my mom)! 
We are so glad she had the chance to be here to meet Zane and see the rest of us!

It has been wonderful having her around.
She is a good cuddle-er :)

And she has been so helpful with taking care of one of the boys while I attend to the other,
while Nik has been away!

Jaxen and I even sneaked some one-on-one time in
and went for a walk/bike ride by ourselves this week!

One of my favorite things to do with my mom is to play games…
and we have yet to play any!
Between nursing Zane and entertaining/helping/discipling Jaxen
and then having a little rest time - we have not found the time to play.
Sad…I know.
Maybe this weekend :)

One afternoon, after naps for everyone - we were all in my bed, watching tv, and 
I was able to sneak a few pictures of my two boys!

And a couple of really funny things with Jaxen from Friday…

Jaxen was being a handful (to say the least) on this particular day.
We had trouble all day with him listening and obeying.
But then dinnertime came and I could not help but laugh…

At one point I found myself saying (while eating dinner)
“Jaxen - Get your hands out of your underwear while eating dinner!”
Who say’s that?!? (I guess mom of boys)!
My mom and I just looked at each other and started cracking up at the same time!

And not much later after that Jaxen went potty.
And I don’t remember what he said…but it made me question where he went potty.
Guess where?
The bathtub.
Seriously. He peed in the bathtub!

After that - I put him in the bathtub and didn’t have to talk to him 
for a very long time!

This kid.

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  1. Oh Carla! You are definitely going to have your hands full. How funny!