Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Hospital Stay

Just so you know… the boys and I survived while Nik was away! No reinforcements needed. I was very tired by the time Nik got home - but it was a good day :)

And he leaves again tomorrow (Wednesday) but all is well, because my mom is coming tonight!

Continuing on - filling you in on our journey this far with Baby Zane….


Here are some random pics and stories from our time in the hospital…

Our hospital stay was really pretty great! The nurses were so helpful and kind and really tried to respect our privacy and give us as much rest as possible. For example - They regularly checked in for more water or medicine or to see if I needed help, but if they opened the door and saw me asleep, they would come back! My nurse asked me when I first arrived what the most important things were to me during my stay. I told her rest and breastfeeding. She wrote that on a board in the room and everyone who came in my room honored my requests and went above and beyond to make sure I had what I needed!

Our first day/night there, Zane was having a hard time nursing. After a few scary episodes of him almost chocking and throwing up - we all realized he must have swallowed some fluid on the way out, during delivery. He was not nursing because his belly was full, but making him sick. Once he worked all that fluid out, he began to eat and things were better.

When the pediatrician came by to do Zane’s first exam he noticed a dimple/fold at the tip of his bottom (hard to explain where). So they ran an ultrasound and he has a "normal variant with a tiny cist at the bottom of his spinal cord" (doc’s words). It’s not a big deal… just something we need to take note of.

We had Zane circumcised while there and that is why we did not leave the hospital until Wednesday. I was actually thankful for the extra day. I know a lot of people don't like the hospital stay and are ready to go home - but for me, it's one more day of recovery and rest! Nik laughed at me - one time on my way to the restroom I started picking up and straightening our room. He joked that I just can't help myself and it was good I was in the hospital, because if I was at home I would over do it, with chores at the house! Probably true. I can't help myself! Although, I have tried pacing myself since I have been home to just a few chores a day.

Before we left the hospital, Zanes weight was down to 8 lbs and 12 oz. completely normal range. 

We had the biggest postpartum room apparently! Nik had visited someone about a month prior, who had just had a baby, and told me their room was half the size as ours... And that was verified by a few different people. I am thankful we had the larger room! I think I was the first delivery of the day and that was why? Not sure. I do know there were 5 other deliveries that day, following mine. I saw the doctor who delivered me later the first night and he looked exhausted. He mentioned he even delivered a set of twins that day! I think this hospital is pretty busy in the labor/delivery wing!

This couch folded out into a bed and that is where Nik slept for two nights. We talked about him being at home with Jaxen during the night - but we decided we really didn’t want him to miss out on this time with Zane. So we had someone staying with Jaxen at our house for 2 nights.

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