Friday, April 15, 2016

Random Thoughts / Doctor Appointment - Zane

Bear with me as I slowly try to put everything that has happened this past week into words and pictures to share on this blog. I love documenting and remembering and sharing our lives with our family and friends through this space - but it is taking some time! So know…I have lots of blog posts coming. Including (but probably not limited to) Zane’s Birth Story, Jaxen and Zane meeting, our hospital stay, and how things are going now that we are home.

Even though it is taking awhile to keep you as up to date as I would like - know that things are going so well! I am totally and completely in love with Zane and this newborn stage. It is seriously the best and sweetest. I try to remember that these days are so few…. and to enjoy every single moment. I just keep thinking - Zane is already 5 days old and I will never get these days back!

The one struggle we have had is with nursing. It is taking awhile for Zane to get his latch right and so it has been very painful. My milk did come in yesterday, which is good, and Zane is eating a ton, but that has also lead to some gas issues. He is having a hard time releasing his gas. So we are trying to figure out the best way to help him with this. Overall - we are pushing through and we will get this down soon!

Something random - Frosty’s and milk shakes taste so good right now! Nik picked up a shake for me the other day from Sonic and I downed it fast! And then today, we had lunch at Wendy’s…and I was all over that frosty! I am trying to lay off the sweets, but these are hitting the spot right now! 

We did not have a lot of visitors in the hospital while we there (mostly due to my request) but we have had a lot of people come visit us now that we are home and I’m so glad! I have enjoyed the company and seeing people love on Zane (and Jaxen too!). 


Today - we went to Zane’s pediatrician for his first checkup!

The doctor was very pleased with Zane and his health. He was born weighing 9.5; he weighted 8.12 when we left the hospital on Wednesday and today he weighed 8.15. All good news!

Zane’s belly button (umbilical cord) is healing nicely, as well as his circumcision.

It was a quick appointment - and really, everything is great with Zane. We will go back next Friday for another appointment.

After the appointment we all went to lunch. I picked Wendy’s (mainly for a frosty) and it tasted so good! This was our very first outing - and it was nice to be in the world again :)

Once we got home - it was naps for everyone! And then we enjoyed hanging out at home and I have enjoyed not worrying about dinner… we have had meals brought to us each night and they have been yummy!

But now… time for bed!

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