Tuesday, April 26, 2016


We gave Zane his first sponge bath at 4 days old. He really seemed to enjoy it!

I was the holder / picture taker and Nik was the washer.
And can I just say that there is something extra sweet about your 
husband, washing your newborn?
Just the gentleness and love that is portrayed in those moments is enough to melt my heart!

All clean, and oiled up!
After his little bath - he was so wide awake and alert.
It was fun to interact with him while he was awake - haha!

This sweet little boy is pretty chill - unless he is hungry!
And I just cannot get over those cheeks and all his rolls - I love them!

Sunday night he had his first ‘emerged’ bath in the sink.
And he loved it!

Sweet sweet little boy all ready for night night :)

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