Monday, June 29, 2015

Ferry Memories

After posting the pictures yesterday of our time on the ferry - I was reminded of the last time Jaxen was on a ferry…

May 2013 - Family Vacation to Galveston TX

I should have re-created the above picture!

And just because I found this while searching for the above pics…

Ha ha!
So stinking cute!

And now…after finding the above pictures…I was reminded of the very first time Nik and I were on a ferry…

October 2010 - Seattle WA

Sorry for the poor quality of pictures…it was easier of me to take a picture of my pictures 
in my photo book, than to find the originals on the computer!

The ferry took us from Seattle to Bainbridge Island.
It was one of my favorite parts of that amazing vacation.

I think I am now done with all my “Ferry Memories”!

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