Friday, July 3, 2015

Beach Day

I have been waiting to go to the beach for months. We had a few 80 degree days - but they all happened before school was out - and once school let out here, no warm days.

But last week a friend asked if we wanted to go to the beach yesterday and I said yes. I'm ready for summer, and warm weather, and beach days with friends! I was somewhat hoping that it would be warmer at the beach than at my house. Nope. 

All of 65 degrees. Actually, it was 66 when we actually left a few hours later. 

This is how I spent my time at the beach...

Wrapped up in a towel - and under my towel, I had on "light" long layers. 

It didn't phase Jaxen too much though...

Until he got out of the water. He was cold!

And then this is how he spent the rest of his time…

In a jacket, over his swim clothes!

We had a fun time at the beach - even if it was cold. We are looking forward to a few more summer days there!

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