Saturday, June 6, 2015

Parade - Take 2

We were invited to grill-out and then walk down the street of our friends house to watch the Annual Dairy Parade Friday evening with a group of friends. I reluctantly agreed. Remember what happened last time we planned to meet and watch a parade?!?

Let me set the record straight - this parade did not disappoint!

Jaxen, running with his friends down the street.
I love watching Jaxen with his older friends. 
He wants to do everything they do and be a part of it all.
He is not always the nicest to them, but his friends take it pretty good.
And they totally love him. I love how they watch out for him.
I hope that Jaxen can be as great of an “older” friend to some littles one day!

Here is part of the crew, waiting on the parade to start.
And don’t ask me why his shoes are off…notice another little boys shoes off?
Monkey see, monkey do :)

At one point during the parade - candy was thrown!
If you can’t tell, Jaxen loved his sucker!

There was a band…actually 2 or three of them!

A few cows…although I have to say for being a Dairy Parade, I thought there would be more!

And lots of tractors!
You would have thought this was the “Tractor / John Deere” Parade. 
Seriously lots of tractors!

And then…there was sample ice cream handed out! 
And it was even the good stuff!
Kortne, Ciersyn and Jaxen

I love this picture. Evening is focused on the ice cream!

This was a pretty cool old fire truck...

And Jaxen loved this, of course!

To end the night we went back to our friends house - had a campfire and played until almost dark.

On another note…
Yesterday was National Donut Day.
And our Pastor is crazy.
He went all around town yesterday - eating and sharing donuts with people.
Last night was no exception.
He brought donuts for everyone!

Here he is, with the kids and their donuts!
If you look closely, you can see Jaxen talking on his “phone”. 
He must have already eaten his donut.
He cracks me up.

So…to sum it all up - 

My faith in parades is restored.
We will definitely attend the Dairy Parade again.
Friends are great.
Donuts are good.

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