Monday, June 15, 2015

28 Year-Old Shirt

Last week I went through some baby stuff (insert almost crying here). While looking through it, I ran across this old shirt of Niks. To tell you how old it is - Nik wore it in Kindergarten. He was 5 at the time. I’m not even going to get started on how in the world Nik wore this at 5 and Jaxen is wearing it at 3…that’s a whole different post :)

But Jaxen rocked it…just like I’m sure his daddy did (28 years ago!). 

I texted the above picture to Nik’s mom to see if she remembered the shirt. She is the one who gave it to me and all (ha ha) - but she did not recognize it right away! I then sent her this one to help her memory…

In all fairness to Kay - she probably gave me this shirt 10 years ago (along with some other cute baby things of Nik’s) and it probably slipped her mind because it took us so long to have kids and she probably thought we never would!

And now I have to go down memory-lane for a moment. When I mentioned above that she game me multiple things of Nik’s - I remembered that he wore another one of Nik’s outfits when he was just a few months old…

Ok…back to my post…

Jaxen got this bubble-blower-fan-thing for his birthday 
and so we went outside before lunch to give it a try. 

I ended up making all the bubbles while he ran around like a mad man, 
catching/hitting them all to make them pop!

I’m so glad I caught the above pics - because they are so cute!

It entertained him for maybe 7 minutes.

Welcome to my world!

I recently read in a book…
“If you let your boy get bored, you deserve what he will do”
or something along those lines.

Basically saying toddler boys are fierce and energetic and you have to stay on your toes with them!

Here is example #268 of why the above statement is true.

That is crayon on my chair.

And with that, I’m going to end this post. 
I got side-tracked anyways.
Look at the cute shirt, on my cute boy, that was my cute husbands!

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