Sunday, June 7, 2015

Pics from the Week

Jaxen and this lion had a stare down for a few seconds. 
He was never really too sure about it!

We pulled out the Play-doh one afternoon and had a great time making creations.

Jaxen enjoyed using the fork and knife and kept serving me “pizza”.

After Play-doh time - it was time for a popsicle outside!

Later that night, we went to look for new shoes for Nik and Jaxen insisted on trying these heels on.
I finally made him take them off because I just knew he was going to fall and break something.

After the shoes - we hung out in front of this really cool “thing” forever.
Not sure what it is called….but it drops different balls down and they go through all sorts of mazes.

It was really fun to watch!

Saturday, Nik was gone all day on a  youth trip and so I had Jaxen to myself.
The minute he woke up we walked to a softball field, where our church team was playing.

Jaxen watched the entire game (could not believe it) -
good thing he had a friend to hang out with!

After the game - he got to play on their playground a bit before heading home.

We walked home through the park and Jaxen had the best time riding along in his stroller.

Saturday night is Bath Night - and he was one dirty little boy.
All Clean!

I will leave you with our Sunday Selfies!

We have a big week coming up…
lots going on…
my little boy turns three!!!!!

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