Thursday, June 18, 2015

Random Pics

Here is a whole lot of random for you today…

Jaxen, taking a nap...
Yes, he is three - and yes, he still takes naps. Everyday.
I plan my day around his naps! 
I don’t know how long they will continue…but I’m going with it for now!

This is Jaxen sitting in front of the oven, while we are cooking a frozen pizza.
I’m telling you. He loves pizza, and cannot wait for it to be cooked!

Jaxen and I were waiting for his turn to do swimming lessons.
He was not happy - so I tried distracting him with selfies!

Every time we go to the Farmer’s Market - Jaxen has to check out the fountains.
This past Wednesday, he discovered if he leans in really really far, he can touch the water.
No pictures of that - I was trying to keep my boy from falling in! Ha ha.

A selfie at the Farmers Market - he is stuffing his face with food.

The Zoo had a booth setup and let the kiddos touch this turtle!
It was very cool!

His favorite of the day was Sarah...
She fed him Kettle Korn!

Jaxen and Aaron received balloons from another booth -
They had the best time playing with them!
Sidenote: The shirt Jaxen is wearing was Aaron’s…and the shorts were Joey’s (Sarah’s son).

Getting his hair cut.
I bribe him with suckers!

This was our Sunday Selfie…
The flash was on I guess!

Today we went outside to play with the Water Table we bought for Jaxen last year.
He had so much fun with it…we spent over 2 hours outside at this table!

He wanted to get in and swim so bad! I kept telling him no.

After awhile, he brought out one of his old strollers so he could sit and play.
Good thing he was in the shade for a bit - because he got sunburned on his shoulders!
I felt like such a terrible mom, for not putting sunscreen on him -
but who knew he would be occupied with this table for that long?!?!

Ignore the chocolate on his face…and look at the “people” he is holding.
When I asked who they were, he replied “Daddy / Mommy”!

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  1. What fun! and by the way, I LOVE your sunglasses!