Monday, June 8, 2015

Potty Training - Update

Let me start by telling you a few things I have learned while potty-training:

1. I always said I was ready to be done with diapers - that once Jaxen was potty trained, it would be much easier. Wrong. Diapers are easy. I slap one on him and go about our day. Change when needed. That's it. When Jaxen is using the potty, I have to find him a potty every 20 minutes (give or take). No matter where we are. Every time we leave the house, it has to be planned accordingly. And every time we stop anywhere it takes twice as long. Potty when we get there, while we are there, and before we go. Get my point? Just this past Sunday we were at the park and I witness a little boy peeing on part of the equipment because be had to go, at that very moment. I also saw a dad take their son behind a bush and no less than 10 minutes later - that very same boy pulled down his pants (where everyone could see) and yelled to his dad he had to poop. That dad came running over, scooped him up and off they went. My point? Jaxen just went potty in his diaper and we stayed as long as we wanted. 

2. I also said that I wanted Jaxen potty trained because I was tired of changing dirty diapers. Not anymore. I will gladly take a dirty diaper over him pooping in his undies and me cleaning it up (wherever we might be - even if it's at the end of the aisle in target, bent over, on their floor. Keep reading...). 

I'm sure there is more that I have learned from this experience, but those are the big two. 

So where are we with the potty training? 

We are back in diapers. 


There was a day I took Jaxen to target. We did all the right things...(stopping to potty every three minutes and all)... And we were in the far corner of the store (away from the bathrooms) when Jaxen went poop. This was not normal poop. I knew after assessing the situation for a few minutes that it would be easier to lay him down right there in the aisle on their floor for anyone to see and smell than it would be to wrangle him and his poopy britches to the bathroom. I know what you are thinking.... That is disgusting and you should be in the bathroom when you take care of that kind of business. Yes, I agreed with that statementuntil my child did it! He would not walk in his poopy pants, because it was making more of a mess, and I'm sure was it was also uncomfortable. And I could not figure out how to carry him without it making a bigger mess. I'm really trying to save you the graphic details, so just trust me! Anyway, I changed him, prayed no one saw us, put him in a diaper, and he has been in them ever since! 

One of the other reasons he is in diapers for now, is because I don’t want to risk the pooping happening somewhere public again and it getting messy and/or someone else having to clean it up! That is just not a job that someone besides the parent should be doing. Right?!

Don’t worry. Although I think it is easier for now…Jaxen will not be in diapers forever. Actually, I have a plan. I just haven’t had the couple of days it may take to implement it.

With all the poop talk - let me clarify something. When it come to going pee pee in the potty, Jaxen had it down! He would know when he needed to go, tell us, and go - no problems! So do I think putting him in diapers will set him back? No. I don’t. Maybe it will, but I just don’t think so. I think when we are ready to give it another go - he will be just fine.

So - that is my update and where we are with potty training. It may be more than you wanted to know…but I knew you would want some kind of update!

And because there are not really any pictures to go with this post (you may thank me in the comments) I have included a few from the park the other night!

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