Sunday, June 28, 2015

Birthday Fun Day!

My Birthday has come and gone…

but I have some great memories (and pictures) to capture celebrating my “34th”!

Friday morning we slept until we woke up and took our time getting out the door.
After a quick trip to the bank to pick up Jaxen’s Birth Certificate and cash 
we headed 45 minutes to Cape Vincent.

Here is a map to show you where we went:

Once we arrived in Cape Vincent and made our way to the ferry dock, we had a bit of time to kill.
So we wondered around on the boat docks….throwing rocks in the water and taking a few pics.

My little family - ready for my birthday adventure!

Jaxen would not let me take a picture by himself - so Nik joined in.

Once the (very small) ferry arrived, we loaded up our car and were able
to get out and walk around while on our way to Wolfe Island.

This little cutie enjoyed being on the “boat”!

Wolfe Island did not have much to offer.
Once we arrived we went through a customs check point.
All we needed was our Enhanced Drivers License and Birth Certificate (for Jaxen) 
and they let us in Canada!

Wolfe Island is known for their windmills.
But being from Texas, and driving by the massive windmill farms in West Texas,
these looked like their babies.

Sorry, Cape Vincent, in this case - everything is bigger in Texas!

So we drove 17 miles across the island (hoping for something exciting to catch our attention);
parked our car; and waited for the ferry to take us (as walk-ons) to Kingston.

This ferry was a bit bigger.

Again, to kill time, Jaxen threw rocks in the water (see his hands below).

Jaxen was a little hyper-active (as in, would not stay in one place) on the “boat” 
but loved every second of it!

Bye-by Wolfe Island, sailboats and windmills….

Hello Kingston, Canada!

You can tell from the pics…it was a beautiful day!
High 70’s. Perfect adventure weather!

Once we landed in Kingston we headed towards Downtown -
I was looking at the beautiful buildings (right in pic below) and Nik spotted the Street Vendors (left). 

After a “snack” we watched Jaxen for way too long chase this particular duck all over this pond.
It was pretty funny - it was as if the duck knew Jaxen was running wherever it went
and so the duck kept changing directions…and Jaxen just followed suite. 
Screaming and laughing the entire time!

Once Jaxen realized he could actually touch the water…we kept moving along.

We had no idea what to really do in Kingston, so we just walked the downtown.
It was pretty fun!
I found a place I wanted to eat lunch.
Guess what it was?
If you know me well, you probably guessed a hamburger joint. Correct!
Nik thought I was a bit crazy for wanting a hamburger when we were in Canada
and could eat a variety of things.
But a girl wants - what a girl wants.
And since I have been on my diet, I do not get hamburgers very often.
So I found a local place and enjoyed every bite of my lunch!

We explored the Downtown a bit more…
stopping at a local coffee/tea place; a candy store for Jaxen; and gelato to top the day off!

As Nik was finishing his gelato, we parked ourselves under a tree in a beautiful park
overlooking the water and all the boats.

I think this is my favorite picture of the day (below):

After that - we decided to leave. 
Back on the ferry we went….

Good-bye Kingston!

Good-bye Wolfe Island and the windmills!

This boy was tuckered out! 
We took the stroller so he did not have to walk as much, and I’m so glad we did.
Kingston was really busy - lots of people and lots of traffic!

After we arrived home; and after Jaxen went to bed; Nik and I rented a movie.
The perfect ending to a perfect day!

Seriously our day was so nice and relaxing.
I had the best time going somewhere new, and just being with my family.
Since we were in “International Zone” our phones didn’t even work.
Which was a nice break as well :)


The following day (Saturday - my actual birthday) I had a cleaning job.
So I worked from 7:30-4:30.
But when I got home (and after a quick shower) Nik treated me to dinner
and took me shopping so I could get a new purse!


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