Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Highlights

Highlight # 1 - Last day of swimming lessons!

The last day of swimming lessons, Jaxen was super hesitant about getting in the water. It was really weird. I actually gathered all our stuff and told him we were going to leave if he did not get in. By the time we made it to the locker room, he was screaming that he wanted to swim. Not my ideal way of getting him in the pool, but nothing else would work!

He had the best time once he was in the water!

Highlight # 2 - Spaghetti for dinner!

When Nik is away, Jaxen and I eat spaghetti for dinner. It is not Nik’s favorite meal, but I know Jaxen loves it, so I am happy to oblige! Jaxen also helped me “cook” that night.

Highlight # 3 - The Black River!

Nik was out of town Friday night and most of Saturday. So Saturday we woke up and headed to the Black River. I jogged along the trail and then after, I let Jaxen throw rocks into the river. It was a beautiful day and he had so much fun…and only got a little wet!

Highlight # 4 - NYI President!

Nik was at our church’s annual District NYI (Nazarene Youth International) Convention Friday and Saturday. And Saturday he was elected as our new District NYI President! It is a pretty big job, and I know he is a bit nervous about it…but he will do great. He has a heart for this area of ministry and has already been helping out and leading in different areas on the district.

Highlight # 5 - Fathers Day!

When Nik returned home from his trip - we had presents, a card, steak and some Peanut Butter / Dark Chocolate Chip cookies waiting for him! We were happy he was home and wanted to celebrate Father’s Day a bit early.

Before I was pregnant, Nik was not 100% sure he was ready or even wanted to be a daddy. Then Jaxen was born and within minutes it all clicked. Nik loves this boy something fierce and they have a very special bond that even I am in awe of at times. Jaxen thinks the world of his daddy, wants to be just like him (see picture below!) and says “Daddy” approximately 8,347 times a day from the minute he wakes up - until Nik walks in the door. I am so blessed to have Nik as a husband and a daddy to Jaxen. 

Highlight # 6 - BBQ!

We were invited to a Father’s Day BBQ and we had the best time. Can I just stop to say that I am so thankful for people (everywhere we have lived) that are so thoughtful to include us into their lives…even on family holidays. It means so much to us - and it makes a big difference when we are so far away from our own families!

Jaxen and his buddy, Clay, had a great time playing with trucks, tractors and dirt!

And then…they brought out the dirt bikes! Mr. Jim was so nice to take Jaxen for a spin (the bike is small, because it is a kids). Neither of them cared…and Jaxen had so much fun going for a ride on the bike!

There were a few guys who took the littles for rides!

This is not a great picture…but it’s more the memories…
We hung out, let the kids play, rode dirt bikes, had a bonfire...

And then ended the night with car races!
Again…not the best picture…but look for the remote control cars on the driveway...
I can’t even tell you how long we were all out there, taking turns,
racing these cars! It was so fun.
And Jaxen’s favorite part…saying “Ready. Set. Go”! 

Jaxen would not sit still for a picture - so this is the best I got…
but it is him and his buddy, Clay.
These two.
Funny, funny, funny…and trouble!

So those were the highlights from our weekend!

We have a lot going on this week - Plus,
And you can bet on it that I have some fun things planned!
(hoping it all works out…like I said…there is a lot going on this week)

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