Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Swim Lessons!

Monday Jaxen started swim lessons! I got him all dressed and he was ready to go!

I signed him up for a mini summer session (2 weeks long… 3 days a week). I figured at this age that was plenty. He already loves the water so this will just give him a few pointers that we can work on with him.

He was so excited to be in the water! Here he is, waving at me.

You have to be 3 to be in this class, but since his birthday was in the middle of the class - they let him in anyway.

First thing…floaties and more floaties!

We showed up early because I wanted him to see what the class before him was doing. And he sat there pretty patiently until his turn to get in the water. We won’t do that every time - but it worked well this first time I think.

Learning how to kick his legs - going from one end of the pool to the other.

I was super nervous for him (I guess that is just a mama-thing). Not nervous about him in the water but nervous because of his lack of speech. The instructors were talking with and expecting answers back from the kiddos. And of course, Jaxen just talked in his own language! But they were great with him and he did so good. He listened, did what he was told and had the best of time! I was very proud :)

Jaxen is on the far right, holding on to the edge.

Having a great time!

Can you see the smile on his face?

So when did he get so big?!
The parts where they were sitting were really hard for him, because he just wanted to get in a go!

Look at all those cuties! Seriously, it was too cute, seeing these little ones in the water!

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