Thursday, June 25, 2015

It’s almost my birthday….

Saturday is my actual birthday…but I’m celebrating tomorrow!!!!

When Nik handed me the mail tonight and I received two birthday cards (thanks mom and mamaw!) it finally clicked that my birthday was in two days. Seriously, these last two years my birthday has snuck up on me. I blame Jaxen. Ha ha.

I didn’t totally forget….I just hadn’t planned things as early as I normally do.

A few days ago, I texted Nik to see if we could get out of town on Friday, for my birthday. He said yes. Here is the rest:

Yup. All I ask of my husband (for my birthday) is that he let me plan whatever I want (within reason, of course) and he just goes along with it. Whether that be a party, or a gift or in the case of this year…a day of exploring!

So here is what all I have planned for my birthday…

1 - A birthday dinner with friends. This one didn’t really pan out…everyone was really busy this week. Hoping for next week though!

2 - A Date with my husband. Wednesday night (we did not have church) I paid a babysitter and we went to play tennis and eat at Chipotle. A perfect date!

3 - A day of exploring. I am (about to start) planning our day tomorrow. All I know is I want to go to Canada. I’m thinking of taking a ferry ride there, with a short stop to explore an island along the way.

4 - A massage. This has not been scheduled yet, but will be soon! 

5 - Shopping. Just for a few things!

Sounds great, huh?!

I’m excited for my birthday. Not so much my age. I will be turning 34. Not bad…but I’m definitely now in my “mid-thirties” and that just sounds a bit “old”. Sorry to everyone older than that - but it just does! I know, I know… I am young and have my whole life in front of me…yada yada yada. Don’t worry. I am not rushing anything, trying to enjoy everyday, loving my life and soaking each year up. That’s all you can do, right?!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!


  1. I totally LOVE that you celebrate YOU!!!! So many people don't want to celebrate their birthdays. I am so glad that you do yours. P.S. I do mine too - So, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! ENJOY and have TONS of FUN!