Monday, June 1, 2015

Enjoying…Last Week

Last week we enjoyed…

Popsicles and pajamas outside!
We had some beautiful, warm days last week and Jaxen
was thrilled to be outside first thing in the morning…with a popcicle!

The warm temps!
I’ll take 76 inside / 82 outside any day of the week, after the brutal winter we had!
I do have to tell you, as I type this post, it is rainy and 50 degrees outside.
We have a week of this weather - yuck!

Sitting outside!
Jaxen and I like to sit outside after his afternoon naps.
Most days we sit outside and wait on Ms. Lindsey for Speech Therapy.

Playtime with mommy.
I am trying to teach Jaxen to share better - so I try to have intentional playtime with him!

Helping daddy.
Nik was carrying some wood over to our house, from a tree that was trimmed at the church.
Of course, Jaxen wanted to help. So he loaded logs on to his lawn mower and
carried them all the way home! It was a slow process - but he was being helpful!

Playing with boxes.
Jaxen just loves a good box!

Eating cupcakes.
I made cupcakes for an event this weekend (and I made a few extra) - 
Jaxen sure enjoyed them!

Fires at night!
We purchased a fire pit recently. I love having campfires at night, but had no place to have one at home. Hence, the fire pit! We finally pulled it out to have our first fire and 
then the rains came….oh well. Looking forward to many outdoor fires this summer!

Jaxen got tired of the smoke and heat from it, so he set up his stroller and chilled!

Our family!

Church with daddy!
I did not get a Sunday Selfie…so I snapped this picture of Nik and Jaxen at church!

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