Wednesday, March 30, 2016

On Our Own

Nik leaves town this morning for what should be his last trip away before Baby Zane is due. Him being gone is nothing new to us - he does that from time to time and we are used to it. And the fact that he is gone so close to a pregnancy due date - that’s nothing new either. Haha! Almost four years ago, he was gone for an entire week, came home on a Sunday, and then the following Monday my water broke and I had Jaxen on Tuesday. So yes - Nik’s prediction of when Baby Zane is coming will be next Monday or Tuesday :) Fine by me!

So last night we spent time just hanging out together. At one point during the evening (while Nik and I watched The Voice) Jaxen was cuddled up in my lap, his head laying on Baby Zane watching a show of his own. It was sweet. A little uncomfortable on my part…but still sweet. It will probably be just as uncomfortable and sweet when Baby Zane is on the outside of my belly and both boys want to cuddle with their momma. I’ll take it though!

And only dads (or this one, at least) will read to their little boy while he is perched on his shoulders, in front of the heater. That right there - is a sign of love! Jaxen loves his daddy and will miss him while he is gone. So I am glad they got some extra time in before Nik left.

And just because Nik got this as a text from our church secretary and it made me laugh out loud, I wanted to share it with you guys as well. It is a “Definitive beard guide for those in need…” 

She suggested he grow his beard to “Hipply”. I disagree. And there is no way I even asked Nik at what point he wanted to grow his beard to!

I better wrap this post up… Jaxen has speech therapy this morning and then we have to take Nik to get a rental car and then I need to stop at Target to pick up a few last items as I pack my hospital bag and I’m pretty sure there will be another important stop in there as well…(for a yummy drink)! 

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