Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Almost Home

Nik comes home tonight and Jaxen and I are very excited! We have done well without him the last 4 days, but it's always better when he is here :)

Although because Nik was gone, I finally cleaned out and wiped down the insides of my fridge and freezer! It looks so good! 

I almost stuck to my "no cooking" rule - but I just can't resist when Jaxen asks for spaghetti. So I gave in and cooked spaghetti - which he has eaten everyday while I eat leftovers and cereal. Sometimes it's just nice to take a break from cooking! Although I baked homemade blueberry muffins...does that count? 

And another question... Jaxen has been waking up a good 40 minutes earlier than normal. I know the sun is coming up earlier, and there is time change this week - does that have something to do with it? Time changes have never really affected him before. Will he start sleeping until normal time again next week? Please say yes. And one night this week he was awake in his room until almost 10pm. And don't tell me I need to drop his nap - because that is not happening until after this baby comes. Got it? Ok! 

In other news... We hit the 50s yesterday and it was so nice! After lunch we took Mater out for the first ride of the season. It was so nice to be outside - and I have similar plans for today! 

I'm not sure what the weekend holds for us (I know it's only Wednesday) but I'm looking forward to Monday... The church is having a baby shower for us and I've already received a crib mattress and these sweet books (2 big brother books for Jaxen and a baby book for Zane)! It's making me really excited to meet our baby boy soon!


  1. Wish we could be there for the shower - But at least a part of us will. I can't wait for Jaxen to read his books. You guys enjoy!

    1. The books are great! We read them yesterday and he loved them, and it opened up more conversation about Baby Zane. Seriously, thank you!