Saturday, March 26, 2016

Pregnancy - 37 Weeks / Life Updates

Here are a few life updates for you before we get to my Pregnancy Post:

* Nik’s computer needed to be worked on (therefore, no blogging lately!).
* Nik has had some bad allergies (which includes lots of coughing at night).
* One of our vehicles needed to be worked on (all better - but always a bummer).
* It is Easter Week (which means extra work at the church for Nik) - but what a great week!
* My sister got married this week (which I watched through FaceTime - thank you, technology)!
* And Jaxen is sick. After a doctor visit today, we discovered he has a cold and conjunctivitis. I have to administer eye drops four times a day for seven days. I have only done it twice  - and he is not a fan! He will get used to it, and it will get better…but man, I feel bad for him. He is pretty miserable right now :(

Jaxen and I at the doctor’s office this morning.

So there you have it - our life in a snapshot! Now onto a pregnancy / Baby Zane update!


For the record… The last “Pregnancy Post” I did with Jaxen was at 37 weeks. Before I ever made it to see the doctor for my 38 week checkup - Jaxen was on his way! Not saying that is what will happen this time…just reminiscing :)

And actually, Nik has to be out of town for 5 days this next week…so I kind of hope that Zane does not decide to come on the same timeline that Jaxen did!

Baby Zane - 37 Weeks

My appointment on Thursday went well. 
Heartbeats, blood pressure and everything else was good and normal. 
No worries and no signs of actual labor.

I did get the results from the Group B Strep test - and I was negative!
I’m thanking the Lord for that :)

And guess what? 
I had no weight gain between appointments.
I could not believe it.
I think that is the first appointment I went into without a weight gain!!!

Baby Zane has moved lower…but still not in “position” yet.
Things are starting to happen though and my body is totally getting ready for delivery.
I have contractions often - just small ones, but they are all the time.
I have lots of cramping and I feel like I have to potty every 3 minutes.
I am super uncomfortable when I sit, in any position.
Laying down or standing is more comfortable.

But all in all - I still am having a very good pregnancy
and I am so thankful it is not worse.
However, I’m just about ready to be done carrying this baby inside of me!

I am finding that I am nervous.
Like, I’m not going to know what to do.
On the other hand - I am so ready for Baby Zane to be here
and complete our little family!

Jaxen is getting excited too :)

Baby Zane - 37 Weeks

A friend surprised me this week with dinner!
On Tuesday, she handed me this bag and said:
“Dinner is all prepped - it just has to be cooked”

And it was!
There was rice / marinated meat / and veggies all cut and ready to go.
Dinner was done in 20 minutes with no thought or prep work from me,
(which was a nice break) and it was so delicious!

I am thankful for my friend, and the fact she thought about me and my family.
I want to just throw it out there…
Yes, it is nice to receive meals after you have a baby…
but it was also really nice to receive it while pregnant!
So if you know someone very pregnant - I’m sure they would enjoy a meal :)

Marinated meat and vegetable stir-fry over rice

That’s it for this week!

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