Sunday, March 20, 2016

Weekend Highlights

Friday Highlights:

Jaxen slept until 7:45am! WHAT?! I was so excited! So far…I am loving this time change :)

After being up about 20 minutes he remembered he had a chocolate candy from Thursday. He received a little “coin” at school and played with it all day. Not knowing it was chocolate (and neither did I), he wanted to take it to bed Thursday night. Thankfully, Nik told me it was actually candy and not just a little coin - so we told him no, but that he could eat it Friday. And then we showed him it was chocolate. So, by 8:15am, my child already had chocolate in his system. Good parenting, I know.

I was supposed to watch two girls on Friday morning for a few hours…but that got cancelled at the last minute so my morning became open (Nik was working all morning). I was thinking about getting out of the house with Jaxen and running around town (with a Sonic stop included) but it started snowing! Seriously. Which made me lazy and just want to stay in. So guess what I did instead…. laundry - which was only a highlight in my day when I realized that all of it was done (even Jaxen’s bedding)!

Right before nap time we let Jaxen open up another “big brother” present. And he received a “Flashlight Penguin”. Which he loved! He took the penguin to nap with him. Opening these gifts have definitely been a highlight in his life.

While Jaxen napped, Nik and I did a little work around the house and then I took off for a Sonic run before Nik took off for a night of dinner and a play with the youth group.

While Nik was gone, Jaxen and I ate dinner, played magnets, played with Lincoln Logs (in front of the heater) and then he took about an hour bath. Baths are a highlight for him!

And then…we baked cookies! Jaxen has become such a great helper in the kitchen. He listens (mostly) well and follows directions pretty good. We only had one “oops” with the flour and one sneeze in the cookie batter (don’t worry - no one else is eating these cookies. haha).

Saturday Highlights:

Jaxen’s Highlights for the day included his daddy. Nik has been a bit busy these days with out of town trips, working on his day off and evening work obligations (it’s just that time of year). So we decided to get out of the house Saturday morning and Jaxen was pretty much glued to his daddy all day!

We had a few errands to run - and then we ended up at the mall food court (where else can you get pizza, burgers and asian food for lunch?).

While we were at the mall we decided to check out bikes for Jaxen. He loved sitting on all of them and riding them around. We told him when he turned 4, he could have a bike. I know that will be a highlight in his life!

We were headed to our church’s Easter Egg Hunt that afternoon, but had some time to kill. Nik wanted coffee and Jaxen and I never say no to donuts!

Jaxen had a great time at the church. He got to see (and pet) a baby lamb and bunny!

He hunted eggs.

He listened very well during story time - and even had the opportunity to do “Resurrection Eggs” (one item goes into each egg, which tells the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection). That was a highlight, and he has been playing with those eggs all weekend!

His bestie, Leah was there - which makes everything a highlight!

Sunday Highlights:

The whole day was just really great! We attended church, came home to eat lunch and nap after. Then we stayed in for dinner (I made breakfast) and then I made a trip to the grocery store while Nik and Jaxen stayed behind. 

After I finish this blog post - I’m going to lay down on the couch and relax for the rest of the evening!

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