Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Zane’s Room

I think I finally have Zane’s room all ready to go (not that he will be spending much time in there the first few weeks of life). But it was, and has been, in chaos for awhile and I knew I had to get it organized for my sanity (and so I could find things when needed).

Between going through Jaxen’s old stuff and the Baby Shower - it had gotten out of hand!

Last week I spent some time in there and it was really fun! Organizing all the baby stuff, hanging a few things on the wall, making the crib up (although he won’t need it for awhile, it just makes me feel better to have it all ready), and getting his “moses basket" ready to actually sleep in…. made it all more real and exciting! As if the constant kicking and moving is not real enough - haha!

I think I mentioned before that we were going to use the furniture we already had from Jaxen’s nursery - I mean, it was still all setup and everything! I also didn’t plan on having a “theme” or anything -  I was pretty much going to use stuff I already had and keep it simple. And then…I saw the dinosaur picture. Remember this?

I just loved it and had to have it! So that was my “inspiration piece” if you can call it that! Not really even a “theme” - just a cute piece to go off of. I’m not a decorator and really, everything is very simple - but I think it’s cute! So here’s a peak into Zane’s room…

The dino pic is above the crib, and I have 'star' and ‘ABC’ sheets for his crib.
The afghan probably won’t stay…but it is colorful and and I like it!

We purchased this ‘Z’ from Hobby Lobby once we decided on a name -
so it hangs above the dresser/changing table.

All the precious baby clothes - washed, organized and ready to be worn!

I originally wanted white curtains for the room, but when we picked out sheets with navy in them 
and bought the navy ‘Z’ I decided to use a navy curtain (that I already had on hand).

The shelf holds the cute dinosaur lamp, some stuffed animals and 
all things baby (bibs, burp rags, blankets, extra diapers…etc). 
Remember…this room has no closet!

At some point I will probably change it up - but right now, it’s all organized
and I can find everything I need for the first few weeks with baby!

I have Baby Zane’s “Moses basket” all ready for him to sleep in (in our room) 
after he comes home from the hospital. 
The boppy pillow is just there for me when nursing. 

And I have the diaper bag and diaper carrier (for downstairs) out -
neither of which are fully packed yet - but they are ready!

So that’s basically it!
It’s nice and simple and I like it :)
I am still on the lookout for a clock, one more dino picture (which is out of stock at the moment),
possibly a rug with navy and blue in it and then a few nick-nacks to finish it up.
Nothing major though.

And here is my first attempt at a panoramic picture of the whole room…

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