Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Baby Shower for Zane

Monday night was a sweet night…
ladies from our church threw a Baby Shower for Zane and I. 
And it was a lot fun! 

Awhile back I was asked what my favorite food was and I replied “hamburgers” - 
because… duh… my name is carla and I love meat! haha!

So they had a “Burger and Salad Bar” all set up and it was wonderful!
Our friends, Micah and Michelle handmade three different kinds of burgers
(Onion & Basil, Barbecue Cheddar, and Ranch).

This was after everyone dived in and ate some -
The Burger Station

And there were lots of salads there…green salad, pasta salads,
broccoli salad and potato salad. It was perfect!
Again…half eaten…but the Salad Bar

And the yummy homemade cake!
One layer of vanilla and one layer of chocolate.

Nik was there to help grill the burgers so I grabbed him for 
a quick picture. After the burgers were cooked and he ate, he left.

And the punch.
I can’t tell you what was in it - but it was super good!

So after everyone arrived and we all visited and ate -
I was told to sit and start opening gifts!

This is a great group of ladies.
All super sweet and loving and they were so generous to shower us with
some very wonderful (and adorable) gifts!

I think little boy clothes are the cutest!

So this gift made me laugh…
There were a lot of baby essentials in the bag (clippers, wipes, etc)
and then an essential for the mama…
Reeses :)
Loved it!!!

I did not get a ton of pictures of me opening the gifts…
so I tried to take some once we got home.

Diapers (and a few wipes)

Homemade bibs, burp rags and blanket.
Super soft material - and I love the print!

Homemade Car Seat Cover with Zane’s name embroidered.

One more cute little homemade quilt!

A backpack diaper bag (which we have found to be so handy!)

A few little blankets, crib sheets and mattress pads.

And cute dinosaur decor!

Fun little baby boy clothes...

A to-go sound machine (how cool is that?!)...

and some other random goodies!

Plus, there were even gifts there for Jaxen!
How sweet, right?
He is so loved and it was so thoughtful of people to think of him.

We have decided to let him open these gifts over the next week or so, not all at once,
as we talk about being a “big brother” and what that means.

The first gift he opened was from Terri (the secretary at the church)
and it was a homemade Batman Blanket.
And Jaxen loves it!!!

I am so grateful to be a part of a church that is so loving…
and so excited to meet Baby Zane!

And now that I have diapers… I am ready for this baby to come!

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  1. I LOVE that little spotted frog! How cute! Hope all was well. Been meaning to call you. I love you guys.