Sunday, March 13, 2016

Nothing New

There is not much new going on these days….I still have a baby in my belly, we have had some nice weather days, and Nik is back home. So all is well! Oh, and Jaxen has been sleeping until “normal” time. Which makes me happy :) 

I am tired today…no nap (plus time change). I may be in bed before Jaxen tonight! Haha! We were invited over to a friends house for lunch today (which was delicious…and the best part? I got to sample the cake that will be served at my Baby Shower tomorrow night - yummy!) but made for a short afternoon. Nik and I had things to take care of while Jaxen was napping so I’m trying to keep myself busy so I don’t just fall asleep at any minute!

And after looking at my phone, I have only taken 4 pictures in the last few days. So here you go...

Jaxen is goofy sometimes! 
The other day he wanted to play with / wear all of his glasses. 

And his new favorite thing is to help his daddy make coffee.

Easter Outfit preview...
This is Jaxen being very excited about his tie when trying on this shirt for Easter!

Told you…not much! But we are gearing up for a busy and fun week! And now it is time to decide on dinner - which on most Sunday nights consist of what kind of pizza to order :)

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