Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Little Bit of Everything...

This blog post may look weird... Nik is out of town, with his computer, so I am blogging from my phone! 

As the title states... Here is a little bit of everything for your reading pleasure today :)

It was Dr. Suess week at Jaxens school last week, and when he walked in on Tuesday and saw this giant Cat in the Hat - he got so excited! So I took a picture of him with it. 

So this is Baby Zane and me at 34 weeks. And after I snapped this picture, I headed out to buy a few more maternity shirts! Haha. 

Much better, right?! I feel silly buying clothes this late in the game... But I do need a few things that actually fit! And the 2 shirts I purchased were under $9 each. Score! 

And I saw this print at Target last week and now I want it and the matching lamp for Baby Zanes room. Adorable right? And the saying makes me smile every time I read it "If you're happy and you know it, clap your...oh."  Haha! So cute and funny! I'm not alone, right?!

And a side note... Jaxen got to feel Baby Zane kicking the other night! He thought it was so funny! I know he doesn't understand everything yet, but we talk about Baby Zane a lot and Saturday Jaxen even asked if we could go to his house and get Baby Zane! We just tell him that Baby Zane will come to live with us in a few weeks :)

We pulled the car seat out of the attic so I could wash everything and get it ready - and Jaxen totally remembered it! He knows it was his. But he knows he is now too big for it and is going to share. I'm letting him play with it for awhile, so the newness wears off, before we put it (the bases, at least) in the car. 

And speaking of Jaxen being a big boy - he is taking showers now! I think he took 2 this weekend. He used to not even consider it... But now he loves it! 

That's all I have for now! Have a great Monday! 

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