Friday, March 18, 2016

Pregnancy - 36 Weeks

Yesterday, I was officially 36 weeks!

I had a routine doctor visit (and will each week now).
The visit went well - Baby and I are both good.
They did measure baby and I am still measuring one week ahead.
Which I hope means Baby Zane will come one week early - and not be an extra big baby! Ha ha!
I also took the Strep B test…but will not know results from it until next week.

Baby Zane - 35 weeks

Last week, I was having some major issues with my legs cramping. 
All day and all night. I was very very uncomfortable because of it.
Thankfully, this week that has subsided.
Also, last week I had some pretty bad indigestion. 
With the help of some medicine, it too is better this week!

Baby Zane - 36 Weeks

I am feeling really well overall.
The last few nights I have even been sleeping better!
Which has led to a bit more energy during the day.
I didn’t even nap yesterday!
Instead…I worked in Baby Zanes room… organizing everything and getting it ready :)
I texted Nik at one point and told him “I think I am officially nesting”.

Just a few more weeks to go!
I’m getting a little nervous but am extremely excited to meet this little boy of ours!


  1. Carla - I love your shirts! Are they new? They look great!

    1. Thank you. The maroon one is new!