Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Few Pics from the Weekend

Jaxen asked Nik if he could lay on him... Just like this...
Nik obliged. Good dad! 

I did baby laundry this weekend! Fun :)
I asked Nik to help me sort and fold... Thinking it would get him in "baby mode"... His response? "All this is doing is making me remember the sleepless nights.” 
Not what I was expecting!

I convinced Jaxen to take a Sunday Selfie with me… 
If I let him stand on top of the dryer. I'll take it! 

We had a Celebration at church this weekend! 
Baby Dedications, Baptisms, and New Members joining! 
It was a great day. And don't balloons just make everything more fun?! 

Nik had the joy of baptizing 8 people - one of which was our friend, Louka!

Jaxen got to bring home one balloon (tied to his wrist). 
Sunday night he insisted Nik zip him up in this bag and carry him.... It was so funny! 

They played like this for awhile - and it just kept making me laugh. Haha! 
Anyone want that package delivered to them?

I’m sure there was more that happened over our weekend - it was a good one…
but that’s all I documented, so that’s all you get! 

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