Friday, February 26, 2016

Jaxen Sayings

This is a hodgepodge post of things Jaxen says and/or does. 
He is in a really funny stage right now - 
and I don’t want to forget the things he says / or how he says it / or what he does!

Be prepared… Nothing he says is funnier than "toot in my mouth!" 

I tried taking a selfie with Jaxen this morning before school
but he did not want to!

Me: “Mommy has to put her socks and shoes on."
Jaxen: “No. Mommy's tired. Mommy sit down.”

If you have been around Jaxen for very long - you know he likes my ears. It is a comfort thing for him to play with my ears. Has been for a long time. I thought he might be outgrowing it - but it has come back with a vengeance here lately! And when he is really tired he tells me:
Jaxen: "I want mommy ears.”
Which means - come closer  to me - because I can’t reach your ears!

I’ve been letting Jaxen help more and more with chores.
He was helping me mop this week.

Every single day I pick Jaxen up from school the first thing he asks:
Jaxen: "Do you have me drink in car?”
Me: “Yes.”
Jaxen: “Good." 

And on the way home from school today we had this conversation:
Jaxen: “Mommy. Snack?" 
Me: "No it's almost lunch time." 
Jaxen: "No. Snack with lunch?" 
Me: “Sure.”
So when I fixed his lunch I put a “snack” on his lunch plate. All was well!

And his two favorite sayings right now:
Jaxen: “That's right” and "Sounds good." 

Silly boy. 
Showing me his spiderman and his Superhero.

Every now and then instead of calling me mommy, he will call me mom mom. Most often it is when he is saying "no”.
Jaxen: "No mom mom." 

Last week during nap time we had this conversation:
Me: “I love you. Have a good nap.”
Jaxen: “Mommy. You lay down in you bed. Be quiet. No Cookie Monster. Have a good nap.”

Awhile back when we were at the Rummage Sale - Jaxen was playing on a Gazelle (treadmill of sorts). When it didn’t work he proceeded to tell multiple people:
Jaxen: “It's broken. Needs batteries. I batteries at home!”
Apparently all it takes to fix anything is batteries!

This nerf gun has been the highlight of Jaxen-Daddy time together!

When Jaxen tells me he loves me - more than not, he says:
Jaxen: "I love you too mommy.”
Even if he is the one starting :)

And apparently, I very rarely call Nik “Nik”. It’s either “honey” or "sweetie” or something along those lines. And every now and then Jaxen will look at me and say:
Jaxen: "You mommy. I sweetie.”
And then he wants me to call him sweetie. 

Just making some coffee for his daddy!

Jaxen has been pretending a lot lately. It’s pretty sweet to hear him when it is happening. He likes to have two-sided conversations (a lot of the time - pretending to be on the phone, but actually saying both person’s words) or making his action figures, or cars play together. It does make me excited to see him interacting with his brother soon! Ahhh…his brother….that still seems a little unreal! Anyway - another way he has been pretending all week is to be a puppy. And anytime he is a puppy he makes sure we know.
Jaxen: “No. I puppy puppy.”
Which means, we need to call him that anytime we say something to him. If we forget - he reminds us :)

The other day we were having lunch and Jaxen runs to the bathroom to go potty. Well, he was in there longer than I thought he should be:
Me: “Jaxen. What are you doing?”
He walks out of the bathroom (pants and undies around his ankles) and says:
Jaxen: "Ummm... I went pee pee and poo poo.”
Me: “What?!”
I walk in the bathroom with him.
Jaxen: "See mommy?”

Sidenote: We have talked about poo poo in the potty forever, but I don’t really push the issue. I’m over it. Then all of a sudden, he surprises me and poo poo’s in the potty two days in a row - all by himself! He still goes first thing in the morning (in his diaper) when he wakes up - and every now and then at nap time. But I think if he needs to go at other times, he is willing to go in the potty! Yea!

A naked Jaxen, playing cars and houses.
I can barely get this kid to wear pants most days - 
I guess this naked phase is beginning to kick in!

Not everything Jaxen says is sweet. I’ll leave you with one more:
When walking down the stairs one morning (after just waking up):
Jaxen: "Obey mommy today?"
Me: “Yes. That would be really nice for you to obey mommy today.”
Jaxen (screaming): "NO! Don't want to obey mommy!”

And that was pretty much his attitude the entire day! Thanks for the warning, kid! Haha!


  1. Carla - look at how MUCH he is talking! Remember not very long ago, he wasn't hardly saying anything....Wow! I chalk it up to Great Support!

    1. I know. It really is amazing considering where he was this time last year!