Saturday, October 31, 2015


For Halloween this year, Jaxen decided he wanted to be Batman. 

This is not what I would have picked…but I think the days of me being in control of Jaxen’s Halloween costumes are long gone. After the fiasco of last year (meaning, I waited too late to decide what Jaxen was going to be for Halloween - that he ended up wearing his costume from the year before!) I decided to step up my game this year. 

So a few weeks ago we were at Sam’s Club (with Jaxen) and saw costumes. He picked out Iron Man and literally started taking his clothes off in the store to put the costume on. Luckily Nik noticed before the pants came off (just the shirt made it all the way off). It was pretty hilarious! Then we made our way to Wal-Mart where he saw Batman. 

End of story.

He was so excited about being Batman, that when we got home, I had to hide his costume or it would never make it to Halloween.

Cue Wednesday.

We had Trunk-or-Treat at the church that night and I had to find Jaxen’s costume! Thankfully, I’m semi-organized and found it in the second place I looked. But when I went to put it on him, it was almost too small! Oh well. It will work until he grows 1/2 an inch more.

And he has barely taken it off since then. That was a few days ago. And yes, it’s starting to stink! My mission for tonight is to wash the costume and my stinky boy.

So here is Batman-Jaxen!

And every time he puts the costume on - he has to go upstairs and look at himself in the mirror. 

We are not big “Halloween Fans”. 
So we never really have any big plans.
Our plans this year included going to our church’s Trunk-or-Treat. And that’s it!

But Thursday night I mentioned to Nik that the Library was doing something.
So while I was gone - Nik and Jaxen headed that way.
He had a great time, and gets so excited to get candy!

It’s so funny to hear Jaxen say “Batman”.
He says “Bat Maaaaaan”. Two words and “man” is really drawn out!

All ready to go with daddy!

There were a few events today around town, but we did not go to any.
Instead, we raked leaves. A lot of leaves. But I’m glad that chore is finally done!

And tonight I plan on staying in.
We had no trick or treaters last year, so I’m guessing we won’t have any this time either.
That’s ok with me!

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