Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fall Festival

This weekend, while Nik was out of town - Jaxen and I headed to the park for a Fall Festival!

Sidenote: I love seeing all the pictures of everyone’s kiddos at fall festivals this time of year 
on Facebook and other blogs, but it is a little bit funny to me that most of the 
kids are in short sleeves and shorts still! 
It was around 35 degrees here Saturday morning while we were out. Cold!

We arrived right when it started so thankfully, it was not too busy yet.

First stop: Pumpkin Painting

He had the best time painting. 
I forgot to take a final picture of the pumpkin, but know it is covered in every paint color possible :)

Second stop: Animals

He got to pet a goat and see donkeys, alpacas and llamas.
He loved talking to the animals and watching them eat their “snack” (grass).

We walked around some after that - saw many vendors; drank cider; ate popcorn…
all the “fall festival” kind of things…

and then ended our time at the Bounce House!

As we were leaving I saw a hay bale with 2 pumpkins on it.
I stopped for a photo op.
Because I have yet to take Jaxen to a pumpkin patch. Mom Fail.
Does this count?!

And yes, I made Jaxen take his coat off for about 2 minutes for a few pictures.
He survived.

This kid.
Melts my heart!

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  1. He melts my heart too, like a snowman in NM. Ha ha. I enjoyed talking to you guys so much! I had the best time. He makes the cutest, most hyper, little batman I have ever seen.