Sunday, October 18, 2015

Our Fall Getaway - Part 2

For the record - We had snow this weekend. I don’t count it as our “first snow” because it didn’t stick. But it definitely snowed here. Funny - it didn’t even phase me. I know winter is coming…


Our Fall Getaway - Part 2:

Wednesday - We had explored and done all we wanted to do in Lincoln and so we looked at other options to spend our last day. And we ended up in Maine. We realized we could drive to Portland, ME in less than 2 1/2 hours. So we did! Neither of us had been there before and we had the best time!

Nik and I - in Maine!

When we arrived in Portland we found the downtown area - payed an incredible
amount of money to park our car and then we just walked the town.

I loved seeing the ocean, the boats, all the food places and the great shops!

After awhile (and after googling the best eating places in Portland) we stopped for lunch.
Nik had a lobster roll - and loved every bite! (I had a cheeseburger :))

After lunch we walked some more.
We really loved walking the town, seeing all the sights - we had the best time!
We stopped for some amazing coffee (and tea) and then Nik spotted a Gelato Place.
Nik loves Gelato. Like it’s probably his favorite dessert ever.
So, of course, we had to stop!
And they had this sign in there… which pretty much sums up Nik’s life :)

Once we felt we had discovered all there was in downtown Portland we decided to head home.
But on the way out of town we decided to check out a lighthouse.
And I’m so glad we did!
It was so beautiful!
So here are a few of pictures for your viewing pleasure!

It was so pretty there. We had such a great time walking around the park where the lighthouse was,  climbing on and over the rocks on the beach and really, just being together!

Thursday - After a wonderful breakfast at the top-rated breakfast place in Lincoln we opted for the shortest and quickest route possible to head home - and pulled into town to see a very happy little boy around 4:30pm. I sure missed him a whole bunch - but this time away that Nik and I had was so very good for us! And for me… after a few days of being home I mentioned to Nik that I felt like a better mom after our trip. I’m not sure exactly what it was - but I feel much more patient and pulled together when it comes to Jaxen. It’s a good thing - but I didn’t realize I needed a break as much as I did! So I am so glad we had this wonderful, relaxing trip together!

A few more pics from our drive home...

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  1. Wow! You could definitely make a book about all of the fall scenario and distribute it - Just Beautiful! One day, I hope to make it there in the fall. Love you!