Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fall Getaway

Last March Nik and I made plans to vacation in New Hampshire this fall. (Ever since we moved here…and really, before… I have wanted to go to this area during fall so bad. Like - one of my top vacation plans). So we planned for it to be a family trip (meaning, Jaxen included). But Wednesday night, I received a phone call from Misty (Pastor’s wife - who is about to move) and she offered to keep Jaxen for us so Nik and I could take a trip by ourselves! How sweet was that?!?! Seriously - it was so nice and such a surprise for us!

We had to work out a few details - but it all came together and Nik and I hit the road Monday morning. It took us about 9 hours to arrive in Lincoln, NH (we drove through the Adirondack Mountains and had a few stops on the way).

I have many, many wonderful pictures I will have to show you at another time. But let me say this - the colors up here are amazing. Seriously - the greens, yellows, oranges, reds….it’s just so beautiful!

We have had a great time on the road and then exploring NH today. And tomorrow…we hit Maine!

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