Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Overdue Pictures

I have been in Bake-Sale-Mode since Saturday. Bake Sale ended tonight at 7:10 when I jokingly told a man that if he bought everything on the table, I could go home. Well, he did! Haha! And Hallelujah! Bake Sale over. It was fun, we made some money and I’m glad we did it!


Now for some pictures that are long overdue - enjoy!

Jaxen has been enjoying this nice, cool fall air!

He even “helped” one day by bringing firewood from the garage to the house.

We spent the majority of one afternoon / evening rearranging our garage; 
stacking firewood, making room for 2 vehicles, 1 motorcycle and a snowblower.

While working, we had a nice little fire to enjoy!
The last one of the season.

This past weekend, we finally raked our leaves and got our yard cleaned up.
Jaxen was actually pretty helpful this year!

That is, until, some neighbor girls invited Jaxen next door to play.
He had a great time with them, though, and Nik and I were able to finish up.

That’s all I have for tonight!
Time to sleep :)

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