Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hello October!

It's October 1. And I seriously love this month :)

Today I lit my Pumpkin Spice candle, enjoyed 3 cups of hot tea, wore long sleeves and a sweater, and turned the heater up... All while the weather outside was cold and crisp - A perfect fall day! 

If you can't tell - I am fully excited for fall! It's my favorite season. And in anticipation for this month to start... I have already made a delicious Apple Cake, Blueberry Muffins, Sausage & Corn Chowder, and have plans to make Biscuits and Gravy, and Sausage / Onion / Potatoes. Not all necessarily “fall foods” but “comfort food" at its finest!

And if you are interested - here is the Apple Cake recipe. Thank you, Terri!
You need to make it - and you need to eat it warm. 
Sooo yummy! 

And this picture of a picture from 2012...

...Has me making plans to visit a Pumpkin Patch really really soon! 

We are in the throws of getting ready for winter... My to-do list is slowly getting completed. We still have lots to do, but I'm hoping to knock some out this weekend. 

We are also helping our Pastor and family get ready for their big move. They pull out Oct 11. The new Interim Pastor will be here Oct 25. 

October holds some big plans. A vacation to the Northeast (I cannot wait! I hear we will be there at peak time for the fall color changes!); a short missions trip for Nik, Youth Fall Retreat, a trip to Boston (meetings for Nik - don't think I'll go) and I will start facilitating a Bible Study at church.

Lots of great things! And I’m ready! Bring on fall!!!!

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