Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Good-byes :(

Since we have moved here - we have had to say a lot of good-byes. And it’s no fun :(

Sunday was our Pastor’s last day at the church and they pulled out of town shortly after to head to Springfield, MO. This weekend Jaxen and I spent a lot of time with the Clardie family… cleaning their house, packing the vehicles, running errands, eating meals, doing laundry, playing cards and a few of them even slept over the past week! It was a fun weekend of hanging out amidst the chaos of someone moving - but it was also sad because we knew our time was coming to an end.

The Clardie Family - at church on Sunday morning

I will miss this family. I will miss our Pastor, and our friends. I understand when people move, and in all reality - we will see them again. We will keep in touch and I’m pretty sure our paths will cross in the future.

Family Picture - right before getting in their vehicles and driving off

But...my momma-heart is breaking for Jaxen. He does not understand all this. The Clardie family has become his family. When he walked into their house for the first time after all the furniture was gone - he got really wide-eyed and didn’t know what happened…but his people were still there - so he got over that! But his people won’t be there next time. And that makes me sad. He sure loves them! I know after time, it will be okay - but the first few times he walks into the church and “Pa Cha / Abee / KK / Cel-tin / Fear-fin” are not there he will be sad. Or when he wants to ride is bike over and talk to “Nenos / Baby Puppy” he will be sad.

Jaxen, Abee, Baby Puppy, Cel-tin, Pa Cha, KK, Fear-fin, Nenos

Even though Jaxen does not remember all the people he has said good-bye to in his little 3 year old life - I do. Many people have moved away (or we have moved away) and it is so heartbreaking to lose people who love your kid. And many, many have loved our kiddo - something fierce. I am forever grateful for all those people - and now I am praying for new people to love on him. With our families living so far  away - he needs these people in his life.

Carol, Tammi, Carla, Misty, Grace, Donna

Ken, Scott, Pastor Chad, Baby Puppy, John, Nik

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